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Wychwood Open Door

Project role

ux/ui designer, visual designer, information architect

In partnership with Pivot Design Group.


As a not-for-profit drop in centre Wycwood Open Door relied on their community of volunteers and financial donors to keep their doors open.

Looking for a tool to help build engagment with the community and manage volunteer support, Wychwood Open Door was in need of a website renewal.


Wychwood Open Door had not addressed their website in a number of years.  Unsure what their primary goals for the project were, a compass session, identified key user groups and organizational goals.  Wychwood Open Door aimed to be the standard by which all other drop in centres operated. The website would act as a hub for the community of members and volunteers.

A landscape analysis identified industry norms and potential areas for improvement.  To be a leader in the industry Wychwood Open Door would need to build a streamlined and efficient tool that offered insight into their innovative, supportive, community based and down to earth approach.


Wychwood Open Door would need to tell their story through their website, therefore development focused on the who, what, why, where, and how of Wychwood Open Door.

The people and volunteers of the organization were the heart of the space.  These people needed to be the face of the website, not stock photos.  A complete overhaul of the content into a more conversational and casual language reflected the intimacy of the drop-in.  Finally, a modernized visual identity highlighted the progresssive and modern attitudes of the community and staff.

At its core Wychwood was a place to build relationships and support growth and the website would show this.


Wychwood Open Door was given a complete content strategy, modernized brand identity and full visual identity document.

The fully skinned wireframes were handed off to a devloper to build the completed website.

The completed website was launched in early 2019.




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