The Little c Project

Project roles

product owner, ux/ui designer, researcher, graphic designer, illustrator


Parents diagnosed with cancer face a lack of interactive web-based tools to facilitate a conversation with their children.  A parent, diagnosed with cancer, whether a mother or a father, faces fear, confusion and stress.  Stress levels are increased when faced with the questions of what to tell their child, how cancer will impact their child, and how they should speak with their child.


A comparative analysis of existing digital resources highlighted the need for a tool developed with parents and children in mind.  Outreach to therapists and health care workers who specifically engaged with families during a cancer journey provided valuable insight into needs and terminology.


A user journey map followed by a user journey narrative provided key insights into the assets needed to facilitate a positive experience.  Personas reflecting key demographics provided insight into emotions and influences that may be acting on targeted user groups.

Paper prototypes allowed for early and speedy iteration.  Wireframes, A/B testing, and qualitative user testing lead to a streamlined and barrier-free user interface.

Story development focused on a child-centric, informative and honest narrative.  Key points within the story were highlighted with interactive elements to inspire questions and conversation.


A fully clickable and interactive high fidelity prototype was developed to promote the concept and draw investors. is currently under development with a targeted launch date of October, 2018.  The project will move forward earlier if we are able to attract sponsors.

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