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The Little c Project

Project roles

product owner, ux/ui designer, researcher, graphic designer, illustrator


A parent, diagnosed with cancer, whether a mother or a father, faces fear, confusion and stress.  Stress levels are increased when faced with the questions of what to tell their child, how cancer will impact their child, and how they should speak with their child.

Faced with a lack of tools to facilitate a discussion with their children, many parents are left to navigate this difficult conversation alone.

Little c was born of a desire to facilitate these complicated and emotional conversations.  Conceived as a story-based tool to bring families together, Little c would provide guidance to parents and information to children in an empathetic and supportive environment.


Research centered around families and their needs.  Looking at how, why,where, and by whom this tool might be used.

Looking at existing resources, highlighted the need for a tool developed with parents and children in mind.  Outreach to therapists and health care workers who specifically engaged with families during a cancer journey provided valuable insight into the needs of children and the words to use.  Development of a potential user narrative highlighted pain points for families and the need for a tool that a parent and child could use together, at home in a safe and supportive environment. 

Children are drawn to technology like moths to a flame.  An interactive narrative website filled with tools to help parents and children engage in a knowledge journey together would support open and honest conversation.  However, cancer does not discriminate by age, race, gender or income level.  Litte c would need to be available to all regardless of access to devices or internet.


Paper prototypes, wireframes, A/B testing, and qualitative user testing allowed for a fail early, fail often approach.  Children and parents were both asked for feedback with the goal of developing a streamlined and barrier-free user expereience.

The story writing focused on a child-centric, informative and honest narrative.  Key points within the story were highlighted by interactive elements to inspire questions and allow family conversation to flow naturally. 

Illustrations were simple, childlike, gender neutral and easily relatable.  The family in the story needed to inspire connection and reflection.

Added activities included drawing, writing and creative outlets for therapeutic discovery.  Gaming provided a supportive and empowering experience for children and parents alike.  Resources supported families with needs beyond the scope of Little c.


A fully clickable and interactive high fidelity prototype was developed to promote the concept and draw investors.  Printed storybooks allowed hte content to be available offline as well as online.  Colouring books and marketing materials were created to promote the concept to potential investors and spread the word to families in need. is currently looking for funding to complete development.  Contact us at if you are interested in supporing this project.

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