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Provincial Parks Website

Project roles

ux designer, content strategist, content developer


The provincial parks website was not fulfilling user needs, leading to negative feedback for the park and negative user sentiment toward the website. The provincial parks website needed to get back to basics and find their story.


A complete and comprehensive content audit of the ‘experiences’ tab of of the provincial parks website highlighted issues with inconsistent linking, and content structures. An overload of content added to the negative user experience. Personas provided representations of key demographics to target content appropriately. A comparative analysis of similar campgrounds and park websites provided inspiration on how to more effectively organize and filter content.


A content structure document highlighted the need for consistency and provided guidance for how to achieve more effective experiences. Along with a complete overhaul of the user interface, it was suggested that the content be reworked, edited and reformatted. The consistent formatting of content would provide a more fluid user experience. Editing how and where content is offered will allow for a more intuitive experience for users.


Wireframes provided a visual interpretation of the content structure document. A sample blog post illustrated how content could be provided in a new and engaging format. The new vision for the blog allowed the provincial parks website to reorganize, edit, and deliver their content in a more useable form.

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