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iCBT . e-learning modules

Project role

instructional designer, ux/ui designer, visual designer


1 in 5 Canadians are struggling with their mental health and Health Care Professionals are struggling to meet the demands.

Scarborough General Outpatient Clinic conceived of a unique series of Internet-based e-learning modules to support patients in their homes.  With the scripts written the clinic needed a visual and organizational treatment tor effectivley and supportively deliver their content.


Step 1 . Technical research ensured program functionality would meet both the clinician and the patient needs.  While a content strategy and structure document, provided guidance for the development of the  e-learning program. However, most important was the need to identify the core user demographics, pinpointing  patient needs, pain points, and specific goals. 

SGH, located in a unique pocket of Toronto, is home to a high percentage of immigrants of varying cultural and economic backgrounds. Research highlighted the need to create a culturally agnostic, gender neutral platform that provided content in a conversational and supportive voice and tone. The tool is meant to stand in place of one on one care and needed to provide information in a formt that would leave patients feeling supported and cared for.


Step 2  .  The indentification of core pain points lead to a complete overhaul of the script.  A new focus on a more friendly and familiar tone with an improved flow provided an improved patient experience better meeting the needs and goals of all stakeholders.

Story boards provided the visualization of words and design elements prior to final development. Allowing for iteration and fine tuning.


Step 3 . With a finalized script and storyboard approval, the project moved into development.  A full prototype of ‘Module 1, functioned as an introduction to iCBT’, including sample animations and video components.  The introductory module is part of a series of 6 modules and will act as a template upon which all other modules will be built.

Next Steps: The final 5 modules are in the final stages of development and the project is set to launch later in 2019.

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