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After Breast Cancer

Project role

graphic designer


In 2012, After Breast Cancer was in their infancy and in need of a strong visual identity with which they could build their brand.


A comparative analysis of similar organizations provided insight into recipient and donor needs.  Discussions with the charity founder clarified the goal of the organization and the key messaging required.


From pen to screen, and original sketch converted to a digital asset lead to development of a strong story-telling icon.
A single accent of fuchsia within a black and white design evoked the essence of the breast cancer ribbon.
The wordmark brings together a fluid script with a simple sans serif, highlighting the ‘after’ of the After Breast Cancer charity.  The lack of caps and bold colours creates a soft presence of support and calm.


The final brand identity included multiple promotional assets, a complete brand identity package and both the icon and wordmark in web and print ready formats.

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