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Working as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer I have on occasion run into difficulty encouraging my clients to see the benefits of a clear, concise and creative approach to design.  I lacked the experience, knowledge and data to properly explain my design perspective.  A switch in gears has lead me to the interactive media industry and the UX design field.

The top 5 reasons why UX is the best career out there!

1. Shining a light on the users!

The cluetrain manifesto says it all.  Consumers are tired of being fed an edited and contrived message by corporations.  Big business, may finally understand that they need help if they are going to continue to connect with their users.  I am excited to be part of the solution, helping big business provide meaningful content that their users want.

2. Its okay to be creative!

The BA in Fine Arts I have been dragging around in my back pocket doesn’t seem so unwanted and dull anymore.  Creativity is not a bad word in the interactive media industry. The interactive industry is a portal to people, an entry point to meaningful employment.

3. Meaningful work.

The possibility of working to improve patient navigation through the medical system.  Navigating the medical system can be treacherous and unsettling.  Working to empower the individual in their own health and healthcare journey would be rewarding and fulfilling.

4. They need qualified people, they need me!

Statistics vary but generally the outlook for growth in the interactive media industry is rosy.  From a Gen-X perspective that is an exciting idea.  Having been on the wrong side of timing most of my life, it is exciting to be on the leading edge of something.

5. Remuneration!

Yup, a bit shallow but being rewarded for quality, creativity and hard work, well that is a concept I can get behind!