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about me. . .

I am a girl in a studio, painting, drawing, illustrating, designing & creating.

Forever fascinated by human interaction and motivation, I am motivated by the search for simplicity within complexity. Whether making or designing, I ask why people do what they do, what underlies their action or lack thereof.

Working both inside and outside of the healthcare system alongside community members, patients, caregivers, healthcare workers, and clinicians we co-create new responses to old problems and consider new perspectives rarely considered or explored.

I strive to inspire and co-create experiences that allow people to explore their reality, question their assumptions and generate solutions for their problems.

For me, design does not need to be fancy or shiny, but it does need to be intuitive, inclusive and practical. I look forward to waking up every day and working on meaningful projects that provide a positive impact.

my work . . .

The Little c Project

Helping parents find the words to talk to children about cancer.

iCBT . e-learning platform

A digital tool to facilitate adoption of cognitive behaviour therapy solutions.

Wychwood Open Door

A complete website & visual identity overhaul to increase engagment.

the other side of me . . .

I am an artist, designer and maker.

As an artist I strive to create visual experiences that allow an audience to explore their reality, question their assumptions and open a dialogue.

Through visual storytelling and open space I ask the audience to reflect and consider.

Let's start a conversation.